Friday, February 25, 2011

Big Winds Blow; Sirens Blow; Coaches Blow!

Friday always looks good on you.
In the news today:
Wind warnings are up.
flood warnings are up, in what bob says is a classic comma-shaped storm centered over KY this morning.
But it shakes out this way:
In the south:
people in some areas heard the eerie sound of tornado sirens.
On the top side:
It's freezing rain in ohio and crazy snow from nebraska to illinois!
See what it means for your weekend plans.
The wisconsin state assembly passed a bill that would STRIP most state workers of their UNION BARGAINING RIGHTS!
But wait, it's not a done deal yet.
See where that controversial bill goes next.
Today is the day americans stuck in libya could get out.
I know, we've been saying that day after day, but its all weather-permitting.
You'll hear from a new jersey couple, about their panicked attempt to leave the country.
What did charlie say on the radio this time?!
Production on sheen's show, "TWO AND A HALF MEN" has been shut down for the season.
And producers said it was because of his rants on the radio.
You'll see what he said.
A college coach gets escorted from the court.
But you'll see he didn't go quietly.
I don't know what to say about the latest flavor of ice cream, on sale today at a shop in london.
Dr. Drew is coming to HLN! He'll have a nightly show beginning this spring.