Monday, January 17, 2011

Giffords Condition Upgraded; Pregnancy Toxins Present

Hi there.

A note:

This is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

So as people observe, many banks and schools are closed.
Did you gorge on TV over the weekend?

NFL playoffs (The road to the Super Bowl is now set!), Golden Globes (Did u see some of those gowns?!) Miss America back on broadcast TV (Did you see the contestant with the yodeling ventriloquism act?), Oprah’s All Stars… which I hosted last night (we learned what a weenus is)…

I mean....what wasn't on TV over the weekend?

Oh that's right, our morning news. So here we go.
In the news today:

Why are toxins that have been banned for years showing up in pregnant women?

Verrrrrrry interesting. Makes me wonder if it means those same toxins are in the rest of us.
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has been upgraded from critical to serious condition.

Meanwhile, the U.S. House of Representatives resumes regular business today for the first time since the January 8 Arizona shootings.
Golden globes:

For the most part, the stars showed up well dressed but not very well mannered – meow!

Check out the winners, the clothes and the zingers.

Oooooh can't wait.
Starbucks is coming out with an even bigger drink.

31 oz!

But the mega-double-doser-I-could-swim-in-this-it’s-so-big size won't be available for ALL of their beverages.

(Okay fine, it’s not called that.)
There's a new dessert fad.
Forget the cupcake – baby it’s time for pie.
You’ve heard of distracted drivers – a distracted ‘walker’ in a mall, too intent on texting, faceplants in a fountain.

Ooopsie – Hundreds of pieces of mail fluttered onto interstates in eastern Missouri Sunday after the back door of a truck popped open.

Potential winter storm for the NE tonight and tomorrow.

Bob has your forecast.
See you in a few.