Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Venus Williams Very Short Skirt at Australian Open 2011

Hi there.
I keep bugging my husband that we should plan a getaway to someplace warm while there are deals to be had. He says he can't get away because of business.
And now this news makes me wonder if we have waited to long:
Some big airlines are fattening their fares.
Sure it’s by 10 or 20 bucks.
But Jen will look at whether this will trigger a new increase trend, just as airlines get ready to report some of their best profits in 10 years.

Venus is causing a stir *again* with her tennis outfits! Look at her glorified tank top over black undies at the 2011 Australian Open. She spent most of her time tugging down her short skirt.

The first 2 years of college are a throwaway?
(Try telling that to someone paying $30K a year.)
Get this: The students AND the instructors are basically too concerned about other stuff to make your frosh and soph years worth anything!
****What’s your view on this? Or, what did your experience of the first 2 years of college indicate when it comes to this?
Go to cnn.com/Robin and weigh in through Facebook, e-mail or tweet me @robinmeade.
Regarding weather, Bob says:
"The main story is the winter storm centered over the Outer Banks, NC… but it’s also throwing snow, sleet, and freezing rain into major cities of DC, Baltimore, Philly, NYC, Boston."
Watch for his forecast on who is getting smacked with another tiring dose of winter.

How is this gonna work?
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