Friday, July 20, 2018

Working! Saved me from going totally bananas. Maybe. What do you think?

I had way too much time on my hands when I was off work because of my iProblems.
Need proof? Easy-peasy. I have video. It happened.

I'm back.

Monday, July 16, 2018

I'm back - but slowly. If you got up a little late, I missed you!

I had a corneal ulcer - very rare. Natch.
FYI: A corneal ulcer is a condition in which inflammation of the outermost layer of the eye results in pain.
Yep. I had pain.

Doc says I'm good to go...

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Getting jump on Talk Like a Pirate Day

Oh, ugh, I really messed up my cornea and required another procedure. This time, I'm going full on Pirate - doctor's orders.

Bring on your "i" or "eye" jokes... Eyefull Tower?

Him: You at doc?
Me: Yes
Him Eye see
Me: You still got it.
Him: I'm your star pupil.
Me: Get out.
Him: Iris I could.
Him: Sorry if my jokes are cornea

See you soon.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Monday! Amy Grant, Vince Gill to bring Nashville to The Broadmoor to benefit military and I'll be hosting.

Amy Grant and equally famous husband Vince Gill will perform at The Broadmoor on Monday to raise money for a cause that supports our nation's military. Jenny Gill and Molly Weaver will be special guests.

All proceeds from Nashville Comes to The Broadmoor will benefit the Snowmass Village-based Challenge America, a nonprofit launched by Houston Cowan, a longtime friend of Grant's. In 2009, she and Gill became honorary co-founders of the nonprofit, which works to connect service members, veterans and their families to resources in their communities.

I'll be the emcee for my buddies. Couldn't be more honored to support them and military families.

Tickets here:

Beware the Corneal Ulcer!

Corneal ulcer.
YEP, it’s as painful as it sounds - but it's healing.

FYI... (from the innerweb) Corneal ulcers can occur from direct injury to the eye, or from a bacterial, fungal, or viral infection.
Symptoms include eye redness, eye pain, excessive tearing, sensation of a foreign body in the eye, and worsening or blurry vision.
Treatment may include an antibiotic, antifungal, or antiviral medication if the condition is related to an infection. Treatment of non-infectious causes may include an eye patch.

I’ve been in bed resting my eyes and have my sweet pups nursing me back to health

Mr. Cool is typing this for me as I say it out loud. No screens, no sunlight, no work, NO FUN!

Friday, March 30, 2018

I could win a NCAA Bracket Challenge!!! Go Big Blue!

Get this! I was asked by TV Newser to do a bracket for the NCAA men's basketball tournament and I'm sitting just 2 POINTS out of first place with 3 out of 4 teams still playing!!!! Woooooooo

I'm on Team CNN / HLN

Ana Cabrera, anchor, CNN Newsroom
Dave Briggs, co-host, Early Start
Robin Meade, anchor, Morning Express
Coy Wire, sports anchor and correspondent
Bob Van Dillen, meteorologist, Morning Express
Lynn Smith, anchor, Weekend Express
Melody Taylor, executive producer, Weekend Express with Lynn Smith

Leading the 2018 Bracket Challenge heading into Final Four weekend is NBC News Sunday Today host and MSNBC Morning Joe co-host Willie Geist.
The NBC Newser, who has picked Villanova to cut down the nets on Monday night, is 2 points clear of HLN Morning Express host Robin Meade. The lead HLN personality has chosen Michigan to win it all.

Here's are the leaders...

1 Willie Geist 73 38 121 40 Villanova (148)
2 Robin Meade 71 35 135 38 Michigan (132)
3 Janelle Rodriguez 68 36 116 38 Kansas (103)
3 Peter Alexander 68 37 68 37 Virginia (145)
5 Dave Briggs 67 37 115 39 Villanova (136)
6 David Westin 66 33 130 36 Michigan (137)
6 Lisa Desjardins 66 31 114 33 Kansas (102)
6 Todd Piro 66 35 82 36 Virginia (157)
9 Coy Wire 65 35 113 37 Kansas (137)
9 Mike Bettes 65 33 65 33 Virginia (153)

BTW: I'm leading ALL HLN players - bracket here and I CAN'T BE BEAT!!!