Sunday, March 8, 2015

Jammin' with some RAWK stars at the Patrick Warburton St. Judes Golf Tournament

Me and a few of my close friends (har) rocked the house at the JW Marriott in Palm Desert for the Patrick Warburton St. Judes Golf Tournament.

Friday night we kicked things off... Saturday and Sunday we'll be playing golf! Hope my tee time isn't TOO early.

Here's the rockers that blew the place down Friday:

Dave Brock
Jerry Cantrell
Kim Carnes
Alice Cooper
Steve Cropper
John Elefante
Don Felder
Mike Inez
Robby Krieger
Mike Mills
Wayne Nelson
Danny Seraphine
Mickey Thomas

I also participated in the Songwriter's Night on Thursday...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Making my annual trip to Patrick Warburton's Palm Desert golf charity do

I challenged once to learn the basics of golf for a story.

I took five lessons from an LPGA instructor to get ready for tournament play. In my first competition, a Grand Slam golf pro-am in Bermuda... (See lots of pix here.)

“I didn’t quite understand what I had gotten into and the experience just continued to get bigger and bigger…In the end, we actually won Best Pro-Am Team. I actually have a PGA trophy. And it’s the only athletic trophy I will win in my life!”

And of course, there is the time I almost made a hole-in-one playing with Bubba Freakin' Watson. Who, by the way, said "women are the worst liars..."

I'm still a beginner golfer, but I love hanging around the golfers and especially a charity event for St. Jude's Children Hospital.

I will be singing, playing golf and helping anyway I can at the Fifth Annual Patrick Warburton Celebrity Golf Tournament, March 5-8, in Palm Desert. This four-day charity event, spearheaded by actor Patrick Warburton and his wife, Cathy, benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the admired organization that helps treat and defeat childhood cancer and other deadly diseases.

“Music and golf go so well together and this is one of the largest and most successful fundraisers here in the desert (for St. Judes). “Patrick and Cathy are there the entire time, and show their heart and why they care. When I hear people talk about the cause or the fact that children will get care no matter what, I’m grateful to be a part of this event.”

More than 60 celebs will spend the weekend at a rock ‘n’ roll legends jam session on March 6, golf, as well as a March 7 dinner and dance soiree. I will be hosting the impressive “Songwriters Night …The story behind the Music Song” on March 5 featuring the likes of:

• Rivers Rutherford, “Living in Fast Forward”

• Kelley Lovelace, “All-American Girl”

• Comedian Mike Wilson

I also be sing with
• Alice Cooper

• Don Felder of The Eagles, Mike Mills of R.E.M.

• Dave Brock of The Doors/Wild child

Mu buddies Sixwire will play on Saturday

Additional personalities scheduled to appear include Richard Kind, Danny Masterson, Kevin Sorbo, Luke Perry, William Devane, Scott Wolf, Oliver Hudson, Sterling Sharp, and Rob Morrow to name a few.

St. Jude is important to me personally, because in my early 20’s when I came face-to-face with a family struggling with their child’s leukemia diagnosis.
“I was asked, as a public figure, if I would I help their fundraising efforts by performing at a carnival weekend the family was holding. I gladly helped out.... I also thought how humbling it must have been for them to ‘ask’ for such money. Understandably, they would surely have preferred to focus on getting their child better instead of how much money it would cost. Thanks to St Jude, and people like Patrick and Cathy Warburton (and all the Palm Springs area folks who turn out to support the golf weekend) fewer families will have to endure the side worry about medical they face their most important challenge: getting their child well.”

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Carl Edwards and I discuss our bodies

I talked with Carl Edwards about what it takes for a NASCAR driver to stay in such good shape.

NASCAR star and back flip king Carl Edwards got up to speed with me on Friday.

He’s a three time winner at Atlanta Motor Speedway where he’ll be racing this Sunday.

Edwards is known, in part, for being one of the most physically fit NASCAR stars and spoken out about other drivers and what stepping up their workouts could do for their careers.

But, he tells Robin Meade you don’t have to hit the gym to be a winner on the track.

And then he tells me that I don't have to wear low cut dresses to be a morning anchor.

A video posted by @robinmeade on

TOUCHE, Carl... well played.
I blushed.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Drink my coffee? Sit in my chair? Bitch!

Ya, you don't want to come to my workplace, drink my coffee and sit in my chair. Unless you're my best buddy Victoria Shaw! lol