Monday, September 8, 2014

Jen and Bob diving on Lake Lanier

Houseboat time... watch Jen and Bob do their diving exhibition.
Morning Express anchors gone wild... anchors... hmmmmmm...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

I'll be helping Best Cellers raise money for cancer and AIDS research

Me and Joel Katz

Music industry giants including producers Dallas Austin and DeVyne Stephens; vocal coach Jan Smith, and Ludacris' manager, Chaka Zulu; along with longtime radio personality Frank Ski and me are teaming up for the annual Best Cellars Dinner benefiting the T.J. Martell Foundation.

Chairman emeritus is entertainment super-lawyer Joel Katz.

The T.J. Martell Foundation raises money for medical research focused on finding cures for leukemia, cancer and AIDS. T.J. Martell died at age 19 of leukemia in 1975. His father started the foundation in his memory, to honor T.J.'s dying wish that "no one else experience what I am going through." Since then the organization has raised vital funds in hopes of sparing other families the pain of losing a child or other loved one too soon.

The event's entertainment advisory board chairs include Bernard Parks, Don Perry, Robert Polay and Steve Smith. The entertainment advisory board includes Sharliss Asbury, Dallas Austin, Catherine Brewton, Charlie Brusco, Michele Caplinger, Thomas Carroll, Willie Carter, Lonnie Cooper, Bryan-Michael Cox, Shanti Das, Jeff Dauler, Bill Hajjar, David Innes, Charles Johnson, Niko Karatassos, Pano Karatassos, Jamal Lewis, Robin Meade, Rasheed Muhammad, Keith Perissi, Reggie Rouse, Frank Ski, Jan Smith, DeVyne Stephens and Michael Taormina.

"As the entertainment industry's premier annual event in Atlanta it is the only event where Atlanta's Rap, Country, Gospel, Rock, R&B and Jazz communities all gather together for one evening to raise awareness for innovative cancer research,"

More here including how to buy tickets...

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Slow Robin does the news... HA. I've been pranked

Florida Georgia Line dudes Brian and Tyler were already awake (and EARLY) when they visited Blair, Terri and Chuck on NashFM America's Morning Show! The guys walked through the door ready to go and had tons of fun sharing in the adventures of SLOW Robin.

I do the newsbreaks on America's Morning Show during Morning Express with Robin Meade commercial breaks.

Slow Robin doing the news... sometimes I think I actually sound like this. I love a good prank.
Take a listen and laff. I love that the prank cracked up Brian and Tyler.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Road trip! Morgan Freeman's blues club!

My new pal Morgan Freeman told me never drop names. lol. pic taken last weekend at his Ground Zero blues club. Clarksdale Miss.
Here's me, Morgan Freeman and my hubby Tim on the right.

Here's the deets:
Clarksdale, Mississippi has long been described as "Ground Zero" for blues aficionados from around the globe. It all started here. That's why Ground Zero Blues Club® was created — to celebrate the area's rich blues heritage and to provide a forum in which it can continue.

Located at Ø Blues Alley next door to the Delta Blues Museum in the heart of historic downtown Clarksdale, Ground Zero Blues Club® opened in May 2001. Owned by local attorney and businessman, Bill Luckett; Academy Award-winning actor and Mississippi Delta resident, Morgan Freeman; and Clarksdale native and Memphis entertainment executive, Howard Stovall; Ground Zero Blues Club® is the place for anyone looking for an authentic Delta Blues experience.

Our mission is to showcase the best of today's Delta Blues musicians. Although some national acts perform from time to time, visitors are more likely to find the "real deal" at Ground Zero Blues Club® — those musicians who live in the Mississippi Delta and continue in the tradition of their musical forefathers Charley Patton, Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker. Wednesday through Saturday there is always live music at Ground Zero Blues Club® (and even on a few Sundays when the occasion arises). We serve a "down home" menu ranging from plate lunches featuring the freshest vegetables and traditional Southern dishes to juicy hamburgers and — of course — crispy fried catfish and slow-cooked pork barbecue.