Monday, September 12, 2016

Show and set has a new look. My favorite memory from 15 years with HLN

Big changes! Set has had a makeover and we will have new faces too.

Here's how TVNewser explained it.
Sunday marks 15 years at HLN for Meade. She joined Sept. 11, 2001. Meade also holds the distinction of being the longest-serving female morning show host on national TV. A steady presence at a network that is undergoing a sea change. Dr. Drew Pinsky and Nancy Grace, who hosted the 7 and 8 p.m. hours respectively, are leaving the network. CNN Legal View host Ashleigh Banfield will take Grace’s 8 p.m. spot effective October 17. NBC News’ Erica Hill is returning to HLN this fall to host a dayside program, and Michaela Pereira, formerly of CNN’s New Day, debuted her new HLN morning show MichaeLA on July 11th.

“I love the direction of the network right now,” said Meade. “Everything that is going on seems natural and normal. I love that [HLN chief] Ken [Jautz] is preaching a return to hard news roots, and I like that we will be more closely aligned with CNN and will be able to use their power in terms of news generation and the reach that they have. That said, we have consistently been a news program, and our format won’t change. We will continue to bring the depth and the coverage that our viewers are accustomed to, and of course it will continue to be fast-paced.”
Meade’s favorite moment over her 15 years on Morning Express? Aside from noting long-running working relationships with meteorologist Bob Van Dillen and Westhoven, it’s jumping out of a plane with a certain former president.

“I jumped out of a plane with President George H.W. Bush when he turned 85,”

Sunday, September 11, 2016

I can't celebrate my work anniversary, but I'm grateful

Thanks to for this insightful description of why I can't celebrate 15 years with HLN.

Most people would go all out to celebrate their 15th anniversary at a high-profile job, but HLN’s Robin Meade isn’t most people — her start date was Sept. 11, 2001.

“It’s painful to really sit and think about your emotions from that day,” the network’s weekday-morning anchor told TheWrap.

Meade spent her first day at CNN’s Atlanta headquarters, where she was set to make her HLN (then Headline News) debut at 9 a.m. ET — minutes after the first plane hit the World Trade Center’s north tower.

“I was busy doing what they call digitizing for 9 o’clock, so at 8:46 when the first one hit, I remember I was on the set getting stuff ready and I remember concern in the newsroom, but I immediately thought, ‘Oh, they must be having tower problems. That’s terrible. It must have been a small plane,' When the second plane hit, the whole tenor of the newsroom changed.”

I started work just a couple days prior to 9/11, I was at CNN for the HR stuff and computer training. My first day to be on-air was 9/11/01.

“That’s when our whole world started to change. It wasn’t clear what was happening. It wasn’t clear how many planes were still up there. They started grounding planes.”

We moved from Chicago to Atlanta and my husband Tim was tying up loose ends in Chicago. He added to my stress and anxiety that day.

“We lived in downtown Chicago, near the John Hancock Tower and what was the Sears Tower. I called him and I was like, ‘Look I can’t stay on the phone, but you need to drive to the suburbs for the day because we don’t know if all the planes are accounted for,'” Meade said. “His little act of defiance was to say no. I wanted him away from any tall buildings but he wouldn’t do it.”

“Anytime I think about 9/11 and I think about my first day, I become very grateful inside. I’m so grateful for longevity in this business. I’m so grateful that those sorts of horrible things aren’t the things that lead our news everyday. I’m so grateful we haven’t seen an attack of that size, on our soil, since then,”

It's a milestone day for me. Thanks for your support, 15 years at HLN!

It's been 15 years since I first came on the air at HLN. Thanks to all the viewers who joined me then and who have come on board since.

Yes, my first day at work was 9/11... go to this page to see an interview.

The NY Post did a nice write up that summarizes my time.

Robin Meade’s first day on the air at CNN Headline News was Sept. 11, 2001.

“I remember calling my husband [Tim Yeager] who lived in downtown Chicago and asking him to please drive out to the suburbs for the day,” says Meade, 47. “I remember people gathering in the newsroom, concerned about the trains running under CNN [in Atlanta], wondering if someone wanted to make a statement.”

In the years since, CNN Headline News has been through several name changes — it’s now HLN — but with one constant presence: Meade, who hosts “Morning Express with Robin Meade” (6-10 a.m.) and is now TV’s longest-running (national) morning female anchor.

“I was assigned to the morning show two weeks after [Sept. 11] and we went right from the terrorist attacks to understanding what it was to anthrax [attacks] to the war in Afghanistan to the war in Iraq. Sometime before the start of the Afghanistan war, the show got its personality,” says Meade. “When ‘Saturday Night Live’ finally came back on the air and said, ‘Is it OK to laugh?,’ we found our footing — when it’s appropriate to laugh, and when it’s not.

“The show’s title has changed — there was a time it was called ‘Robin & Co.’ — but the format has largely remained the same,” says Meade. “But even though the [show’s] name has changed, in large part the feel and authenticity of the show hasn’t [changed]. It’s a lot like the human dynamic, which doesn’t stay on the same level for hours at a time. You might go to a funeral and mourn and show your respect, then wonder what’s for lunch. I like to say our show is a lot like a dinner: There’s meat, a side of veggies and some dessert.”

‘I like to say our show is a lot like a dinner: There’s meat, a side of veggies and some dessert.’
- Robin Meade
Meade says she’s acutely aware of how social media and technology have impacted the way in which people get their news — and how that affects her show. “I think everyone is well aware that they don’t have to turn their TV on in the morning to get information. I can just look at my phone. People tune in to our show for a reason, and it’s generally not for information they can get anywhere.

“They’re looking for someone to hold their hand and guide them through the morning. I take my role as an emotional guardian in the morning very seriously and I’m really protective of our viewers,” she says. “My feeling is ‘Don’t give me death, death, death and expect me to say “Good morning, sunshine!”’ We have something internally here we call ‘The Cereal Test,’ and it goes like this: If you give me details of a story and it make me spit out my cereal, it probably shouldn’t be on [the air] until noon.”

In addition to her TV life, Meade wrote the 2009 bestseller “Morning Sunshine! How to Radiate Confidence and Feel It Too” and has recorded two country music albums, “Brand New Day” and “Count On Me.”

But, she says, television remains her main professional focus.

“The music is more than a hobby but I could never do it full-time,” she says. “I love my job as a storyteller and journalist and I love what I do on TV and with our morning viewers.”

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Quick Trip to NYC for Style Fashion Week while studio gets a facelift.

I love to travel. When it's for fashion, it's a bonus. When the studio is getting a makeover and we had to vamoose, it's necessary. So where to go and still do a show?
The Big Apple for Style Fashion Week... natch.

We had some fun.

Hines Ward and business correspondent Jennifer Westhoven went with me and we had some special guests, including former NFL star turned fashion designer Terrell Owens and Project Runway Season 4 winner, fashion designer Christian Siriano.

If you follow me much you know I'm fan of for couture consignments... here's behind the scenes...

Here is the tease...