Friday, January 14, 2011

Where's Robin Meade? Struggling with Teary Eyes

I guarantee, you’ll be moved by this great video:
Hockey fans help out when the microphone craps out on a little girl trying to sing the national anthem.
But Elizabeth Hughes, despite the occasional nervous glance, stepped up and gave it her all -

(Tissue warning: Susan Hendricks and I got teary eyed in our office watching this.)


But that's not the reason Robin Meade left the program and Natasha Curry took over mid-shift.
Where's Robin Meade?

@robinmeade tweeted:

Sorry guys had 2 get off the aireyes watering and sensitivE tO light.Hard to talk when ya cant look at camera. :) apologies. Back on monday!


Hey, as you’re making weekend plans, I hope you’ll watch as I host my second round of “Ask Oprah’s All Stars” on OWN Sunday night. It’s questions from viewers about health, wealth and relationships. And some of them are very frank!


In the news today:
Thousands of people say goodbye to the youngest shooting victim from Saturday’s attack in Tucson.

One noticeable thing: how many children attended.

And see the reaction when the 9-11 flag was unfurled for Christina, who was born on that day.


The breathing tube for U.S. Rep Gabrielle Giffords could be removed today. That would be incredible progress, apparently. Full story

There aren’t many reasons a pilot will hold a plane for you.
But you’ll see why one pilot did hold everybody else up for a grandpa.


There’s a report that we’ve all been identifying ourselves with the wrong zodiac sign.
You think you’re a bull Taurus, stubborn as ever.
And in reality you’re something else.
Well now the REAL DEAL: why your zodiac sign IS safe.
Full story


You gotta see this video of a rat crawling up a guy’s leg on the subway.

I finally checked out of my iced-in-Atlanta hotel today. Been there since Sunday night because of icy roads in ATL. Totally blew my diet on hotel food! My respect for all the biz travelers who don’t eat home-cooked meals the entire week. How do you stay on track?!