Thursday, February 24, 2011

J-Lo Says No-Mo To Am-Ido Crys When Medina Goes Home

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Jennifer Lopez had an on-screen breakdown after eliminating American Idol contestant Chris Medina, whose touching backstory appealed to the judges. Medina's fiancé requires constant attention as a result of a nearly fatal car accident.

Steven Tyler bawled at the story during the auditions.

=EVERY= teacher in providence rhode island got a letter, warning them they could be laid off by the end of the year.
It’s another situation in another state dealing with budget shortfalls.
First severe storm outbreak of the year will be today, and tonight in the Mid MS Valley.
Bob is keeping a close tab on that.
What do you think about this possibility?
Younger people could get priority for kidney transplants over older, sicker people who've been on the list longer!
It’s proposed as a possible overhaul of the waiting list.
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Many americans trying to escape libya are stuck.
Bad weather delayed the ferry, that’s supposed to evacuate 500 US citizens.
AHHH LOHAN-MANIA -- to go to trial or to go to jail:
A judge told lindsay lohan the only way she would avoid the clink on her theft charge, is to get acquitted by trial.
So.....does he take her chances in front of a jury of her peers or not?
More on that today,
Ford is recalling a bunch of F-150s, it’s best selling truck.
Watch the show for the deets or check out for recall info.
Facebook is giving the "breakup notifier" app a dear john letter of sorts.
Why haven't two sisters, released from jail for a kidney transplant, gotten the procedure yet?
We have that answer for you.
And then on idol jlo says she doesn't want to do this anymore!
See what led to her crumbled sniffling exclamation, last night.
Dr. Drew is coming to HLN this spring!