Monday, February 28, 2011

I'll Be Singing in Nashville This Saturday at Limelight


Looking forward to singing this Saturday in Nashville at the Limelight entertainment venue.
I’ll be performing along with Keb’ Mo’ (blues guitarist), Katie Armiger (new country artist) and Victoria Shaw (the producer of my upcoming album) among others.
Tix for the charity event are available by going to:
Hope to see you there!


If Mr. Sandman shut your eyelids before the Oscars were over… no sweat. You will find the biggest moments on our show this morning, so you won't be left out of the office chatter.
You'll see the crowning of The King’s Speech as this year’s big Oscar movie.
Also, did you notice the movie that was nominated for ten awards but got none?
Oh no... was this a first for the Oscars? One of the winners drops the F-bomb.
Also did you catch the 94-year-old show-stealer?
See how red was the big color for fashion.
And how do you think new hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco did?
In other news:

Better hope you weren't on the flights that a woman with measles flew.
State health officials are contacting her fellow passengers after she went through three sizable airports:
Dulles International Airport in Virginia, Denver International Airport and Albuquerque International.
Today is payback for the beautiful warm weather many states had over the weekend. Bob will show you the line of storms from LA to NY state.
We have tornado watches from Memphis to Ohio.
Another earthquake in Arkansas overnight.
It’s like the umpteenth time in the last 6 months for this general area. What's going on?!
Protesters camped out at Wisconsin’s capitol.
Many didn't leave over the weekend as they fight a bill to limit collective bargaining rights for public workers.
Can you believe…
20 years ago today, ground operations in Operation Desert Storm came to a halt.
There is a mass exodus from Libya.
See how people are trying to get out of harm’s way.
Say it’s 2am and you want to know if there are any drug stores or pizza places open.
Yep, there’s an app for that.
Good, or not?