Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Am I Too Hipster for Ya in My Glasses?

I thought I packed my contacts (on the packaging of which I scrawled "R" and "L" with a black Sharpie, denoting which eye gets which strength of lens) in my purse Sunday night before I headed to bed at an ungodly early hour as early risers do.

But when I went to morph into "anchor lady" in the makeup chair Monday morning before show time, I couldn't find the contacts. Eeek! How would I be able to read the copy, the tweets, and the prompter all morning? This meant I had to break out the specs, which I’ve never worn on air in the years and years I’ve worked at HLN.

So, on went the glasses and down went the hesitation I felt about wearing them, especially last week when it seemed like every sleep-deprived news anchor in the land broke out their frames for election coverage. Ha!