Friday, March 18, 2011

UChicago Hook-ups; for those who don't have game?

Good morning.
Friday is looking good on you!

Man, has college changed:
See at which prestigious university students have started a
hook-up website!

Here's what's new in the show today:
For the first time, see down into the actual troubled
reactors at a nuclear power plant in Japan.

The video shows the damage and evidence of what they're doing
now to head off a catastrophe.
In the middle of all this... people in Japan are displaced, in
cold weather and aching for their families. You'll see how some
of the people are handling it so heroically.
Now what's this about:
Men don't do so hot after divorce, but women thrive?
(Oh I wonder what are your thoughts on that...)
James Arthur Ray cried in court yesterday after appearing
stoic for days in his sweat lodge trial.

You'll hear about the testimony from a longtime friend that
brought it on.