Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Twitter - it's 5

Happy birthday, Twitter. It’s 5 years old today! 
You can tweet me any old time. Yes I read them all.... 
@robinmeade on Twitter.


Costco is gonna sell... WEDDING DRESSES.
That's what I said. Keep reading, girlfriend.
First, good morning girlfriends and boyfriends.
Hope you had a good weekend. Let me get you informed for the
In the news…
What does it mean for U.S. troops:
The U.S. and its allies have started a bombing campaign in

One of the buildings in Gadhafi’s compound has been hit.
Check out incredible video right here.
New this morning:
9 DAYS after Japan’s earthquake and tsunami... we have a
2 people alive.
Happening now:
Smoke is coming from the No. 3 reactor at the troubled
nuclear power plant in Japan.

We’ll see if it has anything to do with work to restore power
to parts of the operation.
HUGE merger in the cell phone biz:
AT&T and T-Mobile want to team up.
What it means for you.
New guidelines about your toddler’s car seat.
How long doctors say your child should be put in a rear-facing
child seat.
How are your NCAA brackets looking?
Check out the bracket-busting big surprises from the weekend.