Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mother's Day - my mom reads my letter and gets all teary

Even though I wanted to touch her heart, I still was surprised at my mom's reaction to a letter I wrote to her a while back when she was having health problems.

I was asked to be a part of a book called A Letter to my Mother, If you want to see who else participated, click here.

“I really took a long time to write this, trying to think what would my mom want to hear,”

Mom got emotional saying.

“You were my shining example of a strong female leader,” “I may not be able to get through this,”

I told her I wanted to touch her and make it so she couldn't get through it.

I told her “You’re not a makeup queen,” and she respons laughing, “You can tell that by looking at me.”

“I credit you, mom, with planting that seed of confidence, and wearing it with a can-do spirit. Mom, I recognize that we will all eventually cross that bridge. Just know, the day that I can no longer tell you “I love you” is the moment our lives. There is simply no substitute for your presence. As my mom, you will always be a part of me… the best part.”

Don't wait for a health issue or other crisis to write your Mom a letter.

She loved you first.

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