Monday, March 28, 2011

Robin recovering from Big Apple gig

Get out your galoshes. The Southeast is getting soaking
wet. Bob has more on that during the show.

Susan Hendricks is in for Robin today.
And boy, does she have a plateful of news to cover.

We have new video of the tsunami that hit Japan 2 and a
half weeks ago. A wall of water smashes a warehouse against a
building and all the insides spill out and get washed away.
And Japanese officials are going back and forth on just how
much radiation is being released at the damaged nuclear

College basketball is down to 4 teams… and it may be the
most shocking semifinals ever.

The mother of motivational guru James Ray speaks out.
Hear her emotional testimony during the sweat lodge trial.

Who’s the most influential American on Twitter? It’s
NOT President Obama. And no, it’s not Charlie Sheen! Hint:
It’s a sports star with a reality show. Find out during the

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