Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Robin Meade Still Missing - Shows Up In Dr. Drew Promo with a Giggle

Good morning. Robin is off today. Susan Hendricks has the

Robin gets a giggle showing Dr. Drew an early pic of himself. Dr. Drew is sufficiently embarrassed.

It’s a huge day for American business. The Supreme
Court is hearing arguments today in a case that potentially
involves hundreds of thousands of women. We’ll tell you why
the stakes are enormous -- for Walmart and for the whole

And we’ll have more on the president’s speech last night
on Libya, and the reaction it’s getting. Plus, the latest
in the effort to get Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi out.

One of Japan’s damaged nuclear reactors may be leaking
radioactive water. Just how bad is it?

When do you start feeling old? Well, that depends on your
gender. A new study says women and men have very different
ideas about what “old” means.

And the hunt for a missing Egyptian cobra in New York
isn’t exactly a hunt. Despite the snake’s deadly venom,
this search is pretty laid back.

Also today… think heartbreak hurts? You’d be
right… Barry Bonds’ ex-mistress testifies…
how’s your morale on the job? Not so hot? You’ve got
plenty of company…. the latest in the trial of Michael
Jackson’s former doctor… and guess where Moammar
Gadhafi’s son has been spending his time– try San
Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago… and the list goes

And don’t forget: Dr. Drew is coming to HLN! His new
nightly show starts next Monday at 9PM ET.