Thursday, March 24, 2011

Air traffic controllers snoozin' on the job

Whew. What kind of day do you have ahead of you?
I'm going to anchor the show this morning as usual.
Then I'm a guest on Joy Behar’s show on HLN at 10 tonight. I think talk of my book and upcoming music project will come up.
The subject: Going after what you want midstream!
You can do that!

Anyhoo... that’s on Joy tonight.
But here's what we are talking about today for you:

Check out an enormous blaze at Miami International Airport.
It wasn't in the terminal.
But it was in a place where it might cause flight delays today.
We are watching.
Get an idea of what people in Libya are experiencing:
We have heart-stopping video of a journalist coming under fire during a report.
It happens as explosions rock the outskirts of Libya’s capital.
Asleep at the switch?
Two planes landed safely at a DC airport *without* the help of the air traffic controller.
700 aftershocks and counting.
That’s the word this morning from Japan.
But there is news that parents will be getting bottled water to feed their babies since there could be too much radiation in Tokyo’s water.
On that note:
Bottled water may be the one bright note in terms of stocks in Japan.
Big day in the case of Michael Jackson’s former doctor:
Jury selection starts today.
What do YOU think about this:
One state is considering a law to protect teachers from penalties if they use physical force on students.
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This oughta be good:
Sickouts and other assignments mean I will be doing sports today.

Hee hee. Wait till my hubby sees this.
See you then.
Gonna be in NYC Monday night? Stop by the iconic Birdland performance venue. I’ll be singing some tunes with my pals Victoria Shaw and Gary Burr. I hear pianist Jim Brickman may stop by and a few other special guests!
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