Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cuttin' a rug in your rooster suit

Morning sunshine!
If you have a friend in NYC, tell ‘em to stop by Birdland, the iconic performance venue, where I’ll be singing up a storm Monday evening at 7. Check this out.
Looking forward to meeting you.
Alrighty let's get to it:

We have a big possibility of severe weather today for viewers in the Ohio Valley.
A strong storm over Illinois has heavy snow.
Also, check out video of tornadoes in Iowa.
Bob has ya covered.
Don’t drink the water --- that’s the latest warning in Japan.
And the guidance centers on babies and their food.
You know those pictures of you cuttin’ a rug in a rooster suit?
New warnings about what remains on your old phone after you’re done with it.
We have the pointy heads’ instructions on what you should do if you’re planning to sell or recycle your phone.
Different day, a different story in the Sweat lodge trial.
But it’s all from the same witness!
Ryan’s got that.
Oh my word!
A ‘scorned’ 92-year-old woman pulls out her gun after her neighbor refuses to kiss her.
Are you ready for this?
A glasses-free 3D cell phone!!!!
One phonemaker says they have it! Tune in to see when YOU could get it.