Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Robin's Back: But Look For Her January 16th Again On OWN

Special thanks to the OWN network folks and Oprah herself, for the great time I had hosting her "Ask Oprah’s All Stars" Sunday night. I host the Sunday, January 16th episode too.

Don't ya just hate it when something changes up your morning routine, even slightly? Me too. So yay!
I think the gang’s all back together today. And we’re ready to help you ease into Tuesday.
Hearings start today in the case against Dr. Conrad Murray.
A judge will decide if there’s enough evidence to put Murray on trial for the death of Michael Jackson.
What’s with the birds? More theories but few answers about why several thousand birds fell from the sky.
And new reports of possible similar stuff somewhere else.
A weather phenomenon gives gamblers in Vegas a reason to step away from the casino.
Bob's got your early forecast right HERE.
A Virginia school system bans a little boy’s service dog from going to school with him.
And people are upset! (I was seeing tweets about this, even from a rookie NFL player’s Twitter account, saying he wanted to back the boy.)
We’ve got both sides of the story.
Feeling lucky? The Mega Millions lottery is HUGE.
See what it’s up to now.
Good lawdy.
Snooki’s book comes out today.
The excerpts are......gems. Not literary gems. Just....classic.
Check out some of those excerpts right here.