Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Work for Most - Except Robin Returns Tomorrow

Happy New Year! It’s back to work for most of you.
Natasha Curry is in for Robin today.
Robin’ll be back tomorrow.

We’re starting this morning with a mystery --- officials in Arkansas are trying to figure out what killed 100,000 fish along a stretch of the Arkansas River.
About 100 miles away – another question – what killed about 5,000 birds?
We’ve got the latest on these stories.

A bill to pay for the health care for first responders on 9-11 has been signed by President Obama.

Bob is back and he’ll tell you what’s in store when you walk out the door.

Facebook and Twitter are great for keeping up with friends – but travel deals?
Stay tuned.

A long wait and a very happy ending for a family whose adoption of two young children from Russia got put on hold.