Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Homeless Man Has Golden Radio Voice

Good morning.
Are you the winner?
2 winning tickets were sold in the Mega Millions drawing.
They were sold in Washington and Idaho.
But if you didn't play from there, see how close you came… and if you got any cash from THAT :)
Before I get away from Mega Millions, Get this: 4 of the 6 numbers were the ones the “Lost” character "Hurley" won $114 million from, only to be haunted by the same numbers in later episodes.
More get this:
A majority of your Morning Express staff went in together. We won $22. Collectively.
So there is no risk of you not getting a well-staffed newscast today :)
In the news:
There are new questions about the care of Michael Jackson.
His former security chief says Dr. Conrad Murray didn’t seem to know how to give CPR as they waited for an ambulance.
What else we learned from Day 1 of what is essentially a mini-trial.
Check out how you can watch the new Congress being sworn in...right in your office cubicle.
You get more time to file your taxes this year!
Step it up:
You'll learn that how fast you walk... may indicate how long you'll live.
It’s a wowza finding to me.
Here comes another bizarre 911 call:
She wanted her boyfriend to propose and thought 911 could make him.
Rewriting history:
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is getting a make-over.
A publisher is taking out the N-word in the next edition.
See what replaces that racist slur.
Do you agree with the publisher’s decision?

People are going nuts over the beautiful voice of a homeless man.
And now that his voice has hit the web, he's getting job offers.
Listen to this voice!