Thursday, January 6, 2011

Autism Research Doctor Committed Fraud

You're gonna love this: 
The homeless guy with the golden voice is being offered an NBA announcing gig! 
See what the Cavs would have him do. 
But not everything is golden, even as he's flown around to late night shows and TV stations. 
Good morning to you. How are you? I'm grateful for your viewership :) 
Moving into other subjects: 
Autism study called FRAUD. 
The allegations are that a study, which may have caused some parents to fret over whether to get their kid vaccinated, was hocus pocus! 
Wait until you hear the allegations against the researcher, and the supposed flaws in his science. 
But some parents of autistic children are standing by the theory that there is a connection between immunizations and autism. 

(Geez I just wonder: What are parents supposed to believe (and do!) now? )
What would prompt an Omaha student to burst into his principal's office and open fire? 
The new information that's coming in this morning… 
Starbucks went and changed its logo. 
It doesn't even say Starbucks anymore. 
Jen’s gonna show it to you and has info on why the company is doing this. 
They don't need a search warrant to search your cell phone! 
At least not in California. 
We look at whether it’s the start of a new trend. 
One of the winners of the Mega Millions lottery goes public today. Still haven't heard about the other winner... 
It was a night for the 'undead' at the People’s Choice Awards. 
Oh. An NBA team is banning gambling on flights to games. Who knew this was a problem? 
And… a cat fight over kitty litter commercials!