Friday, January 7, 2011

Kidney = Get Out of Jail Free

Well that's it for this work week as long as we get you through today. 
Jammies and all. 
In the news: 
Wanna turn men off, gals? 
Bring on the tears. 
You'll learn about a newly-discovered chemical reaction tears give off. 
Alright at the top of our newscast today: 2 sisters get out of prison on the condition one gives a KIDNEY to the other. 
They are supposed to be released this morning. 
And we will follow their release as it happens during the show. 
Whoa nelly. Here comes more snow for NYC. 
And you better believe all eyes are on the snow plows and whether that dept will do better with a little snow than they did with a blizzard. 
(They should take a few lessons from Chicago, IMO. Now there's a city that knows how to clear snow after some bobbles decades ago made it a big issue.) 

Get Meteorologist Bob Van Dillen's early forecast every day on the Morning Express Blog. 
You're gonna love the couple who won half of the Mega Millions drawing. 
And the hubby says something like: We always thought we’d win someday! 
More dead birds. This time in Italy. 
I wondered about this didn’t you? 
We are hearing from pointy heads that mass bird and fish deaths are not unheard of, they've happened before, and that the end of the world didn't come yet. 
I still want an explanation, if possible. 
2 incendiary devices were discovered by the postal service in Maryland. A note indicated the person who sent them is upset with road signs???? 
One of the Chilean miners heads to Graceland today to celebrate Elvis’ birthday
Big jobs report out today --- experts say it’s supposed to be positive news. 

******but what are you seeing out there if you’re looking for work? 
******or, if you are in a position to hire, are you doing it? 

Let's rock this Friday.