Friday, January 7, 2011

Robin Meade - Country Carpetbagger

Robin Meade is launching (has launched?) another career as a country music singer. Too bad for Robin, another hot celeb is doing the same...
Gwyneth Paltrow has been behaving like a country-music star. It began in November when Paltrow slipped into a tiny dress and delivered a warbling performance at the CMA Awards.
Today Country Strong opens starring Paltrow who sings country at a roadhouse and regurgitates Waylon Jennings...
So who are these two babes joining in the Country Music Carpetbagging Club? Only:

  • Kid Rock
  • Jewel
  • The Eagles
  • Bon Jovi
Is there room for Robin Meade? Certainly! Somebody has to open for the bonafide stars listed above. Will Robin become one of those stars? Probably not. She's got a pretty good thing going with Oprah and CNN going right now.
And besides that, she's over 40.
But what a great life she has and who can blame her for "going for it."