Thursday, December 30, 2010

More Storms As Friday Gets Closer

Good morning. We’re edging closer to Friday and the end of the year. While Robin’s off, Natasha Curry is here to ease the transition. 

Another storm on the way? You’ve got to be kidding! We’re still trying to dig out from the last one. Trash is piling up on the streets. The airlines are scrambling to get back on track. One family had to take a cab from Buffalo, N.Y. to NYC. Stick around for who’ll get hit this time around. 

The Brett Favre drama appears to be wrapping up. Brett’s been hit with a big fine. But the kicker is why. 

You and your neighbors spent a ton of money for Christmas. What’s fascinating now is where you spent it, and on what. Things are changing. 

Nobody wants to be operated on by a sleepy surgeon. But we’ve got a behind-the-scenes look at surgical mistakes from tired doctors that will stun you. 

Garth Brooks has been mostly staying home to raise his daughters. But he showed up in blockbuster style to help raise money for Nashville after the floods. We’re talking millions and millions of dollars. 

And stick around for a look at a kid named Jordan. He plays hoops. Big time. 

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