Friday, December 31, 2010

Start the New Year with Robin on Oprah's New Network

Happy New Year… and hold onto your hats. We’re finishing the year on a very busy news day. 

Robin is off but she has a special message: 
Let's have a great new year together! I'm in LA getting ready to host two Oprah's All Stars specials  (the 1st one is on Sun. Jan 2 at 8pm on OWN) then I'm back on HLN Tuesday morning. I'll see you then.

- - - - - - - - - 

New York City sanitation workers are being accused of dragging their feetin the massive project to remove tons and tons of snow from city streets. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is investigating and says it would be an outrage if it’s true. 

We’ve got 2 auto recalls this morning. Ford is recalling almost 20,000 trucks and SUVs. Chrysler is recalling nearly 145,000 trucks and crossover wagons. We’ve got what you need to know. full story 

Get ready for more snow, more cold and more wind. Really rough weather has left roads in the west covered with snow and ice. Now it’s heading east. 

Speaking of winter, do you feel like everyone around you has the sniffles? Flu is spreading like wildfire. 

There’s more on an alleged terrorist plot against the newspaper in Denmark that printed satirical cartoons of the prophet Mohammed years ago. The details of what the suspects may have been planning are frightening. 

And this could hurt some college bowl game parties. A whole bunch of chicken wings are being pulled off the market. full story 

Also this morning… Brett Favre may be spending his final game on the bench… a man seen on videotape beating a homeless person may be the son of a police officer… and it looks like Lindsay Lohan won’t get to party like it’s 2010. She’s still in rehab, but only for a few more days.