Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Robin Hosting Oprah's All Stars; But Headlines Continue

Good morning. Robin is off today getting ready to moderate two editions of Oprah's All Stars that will air on the OWN network starting January 2nd. 

Natasha Curry is here with a boatload of headlines… 
…beginning with the weather. 

A plane loaded with people from Vancouver sat on the runway at JFK for 11 hours! How does this happen? It’s just another example of the enormous impact of this massive blizzard. So far, 10,000 flights have been canceled.We’ve got what you need to know. 

A ski-lift cable broke loose in high winds at Maine’s Sugarloaf Ski Resort.Five chairs plummeted 25 to 30 feet. Several people were hurt. Rescuers spent 90 minutes getting 200 trapped skiers on the ground. 

Blunt talk from the prime minister of Iraq. He wants the U.S. out. Nouri al-Maliki says there will be no extension of the U.S. troop presence. “This agreement,” he says, “is not subject to alteration.” 

The way you buy meat is changing dramatically. Nutritional labels will be required on everything from beef to poultry. We’ll explain why you may be stunned at what they reveal. 

And guess who’s taking medication for hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes and sleep disorders? Kids. Lots of them. We used to think of chronic medication as an adults-only world. Not anymore. We’ll tell you why that’s kind of scary. 

Finally, the president is taking heat over his support for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. We’ll break it down.