Friday, October 30, 2015

Scooby Doo and gang visits Morning Express (Videos)

Morning Express with Robin Meade gang dressed as the Scooby Doo cast. Bob Van Dillen dressed as Fred Jones, Brian Mcfadden as Shaggy, Jen Westhoven as Velma, and me as Daphne, and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer makes a special appearance as the wolf man.

And of course, we had to ham it up a lot with our on version of a haunting at HLN Studio. It was haunted and who better to investigate? Complete with laugh track.

There goes our Emmy!!!

Special thanks to Morning Express Producer Yacov Freedman, HLN Creative Director Dallas Howell, HLN Graphics guru Sean Stanley, Editor Greg Bowman and Atlanta actor Brian Harrison for providing the voice of Scooby!