Monday, December 23, 2013

Hello Olena Mall and Norwalk Theater - haunting my former stomping grounds

This is the "mall" closest to where I grew up.

It's not a mall that you would normally think of.

The Olena Mall, is owned by Wayne Weitzel and it depends completely on the Internet. Weitzel said he started his Internet business 10 years ago and has been busy at it full time for the past six years.

"I sell starter and alternator parts. We've got almost 5,000 auctions on eBay now.

I love it here,I've just always lived here. It is quiet."

Yeah, quiet. Sometimes it's good to be "home" for the holidays. Here's some more pix of me when I was growing up in New London, Ohio.

The Norwalk theater showed movies as well as live shows and concerts until it was closed in late-2011.

Maybe I'll book a concert there one day! That would be cool, no?