Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Will the Gummit Keep Your Tax Refund?

Good morning rock star! Don't tell the others, but you're my favorite viewer.
In the news today:
Would you get your tax refund on time if the government shuts down over budget battles?
What about the passport you are trying to get for summer vacation?
Today: all the little and big things they don't mention as we closer to a government shutdown friday if lawmakers don't agree on cuts.
Swear you need that cup of caffiene in the morning?
Blame it on your genes.
You know all those crazy charlie-esque things mr. sheen says:
Duh, Winning!
Torpedo of truth!
What he wants to say now is: "Mine, ALL MINE!"
Get free mortgage if you agree to turn your house into a billboard, Wait, really?
Tune in for that.
ANOTHER city wants to ban happy meals?
Well I don't know about the entire city, but one new york city councilman is proposing it!

Who got booted from dancing with the stars? It wasn’t kirstie alley even though she and her dance partner fell.
Rawwwwk on.