Thursday, April 7, 2011

Copper Caper: Old Lady Kills Countries Internet

Good morning!!!!! We’ve got a lot going on –
Making ends meet --- govt. leaders are sorting out how to keep the govt. running past Friday night--- lots of govt. workers are doing the same at home.
Get this – if workers even check their blackberries – they could get hit with a fine for ‘working’!
How many hurricanes are expected this year? The predictions are out!
Barry Bond’s defense team had their day in court – and had very little to say.
Big changes are coming at youtube.
You know those signs that say ‘call before you dig” to make sure you don’t cut through any underground wires or pipes?
We’ll tell you how one woman shut off the internet to an entire country.
Advertising on school buses. Several states are already doing it -- others want to.
What do you think?