Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Wet Head Welcomes Your Bed Head

Ready to get your morning mojo going?
My hair is still wet and my brain is still foggy as I write this... but we will be ready to wake you up with news in the fast lane.
There are reports that Police took Charlie Sheen’s twin boys away from him last night.
See if you agree with the reasoning.
We get a glimpse into Charlie’s mind from his tweets.
He just joined yesterday with a bio that reads "Born Small...Now Huge...Winning...Bring it..! (unemployed winner...)”
Women versus men in the workplace… both have smarts and skills, so why are women still earning less?
Check out the interesting reactions to the opening statements in the sweat lodge trial of James Arthur Ray.
Some of the movie theatres YOU go to are accused of violating child labor laws!
We’re talking 3 big chains, accused of making workers under the age of 16 work too long and do dangerous jobs!
Some Libyan opposition leaders may ask the United Nations to approve Western airstrikes on Gadhafi's military installations.
A big warehouse store stops selling some of the most popular fish.
See what the problem is with cod, swordfish, and others.
Co-ed dorms are one thing…
Now, one big university is going to let some guys and gals live in the same crib. (You know, the same dorm room)
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The iPad 2 is coming.
The iPad 2 is coming.
Heads up, a big announcement today.
The iPad 2 is expected to be thinner, faster, and have a camera.
No more sit-ups and push-ups.
The army has a new fitness test for soldiers.
See if you agree with the changes.
Can you get addicted to diet soda?