Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Judyth Piazza reflects on an interview with me.

It's nice to have an impact on other successful people's lives.

Judyth Piazza, The Italian Oprah and Founder of the SOP and Host of The American Perspective, wrote.

nother person that had a very huge impact on me was Robin Meade. Robin Meade was the first person to give me a chance and my very first interview. When I started my radio show, The American Perspective in 2005 I had to figure out who would be my first guest. I wanted to choose someone that inspired me and that I knew that I could learn something from to help me in my journalism career. I had watched Robin almost every morning before leaving for class so I just decided to reach out to her and ask her for an interview. A smart person told me that all I had to do was ask. If she said no, life would go on. So that`s what I did. I found her contact information and just asked. During the interview Robin told me, "Judy, someone has to do this job and it might as well be you."