Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yup, It's Still Winter!

It’s a brand new, nobody's-hand-me-down Wednesday.
Ready to rock it? I am, as long as YOU are there.
On the show today:
We’ll have your brand new update on this week’s winter storm.
It’s throwing an ugly wintery mix over the South, and it’s giving us advisories from New Mexico to North Carolina’s Outer Banks.
New information concerning LiLo:
Prosecutors will be charging Lindsay Lohan with grand theft. And that's expected to happen today.
(It’s all over a necklace I'm thinking she could afford 30 times over.) But what could this do to the legal problems she ALREADY has?
Nothing wrong here.
Those are basically the findings of whether something inside caused Toyota’s sudden acceleration problems.
Instead… see what the findings point mostly to!
After the Super Bowl—
Would you take a chance on Christina Aguilera singing the national anthem for your team?
She’s got an invite.
(Good for her! Get right back on that horse! Although I suggest putting a little 3x5 card with the words in your sleeve just in case.) And, you will hear from a vocal defender of hers.
Those eggs you’re having for breakfast may be healthier for you than you thought, after years of being preached at concerning cholesterol.
Back away from the coffee with that price changer!
A couple of big store brands are caffeinating their prices.