Thursday, February 10, 2011

Getting Your Work Spouse Lace for VD?

All together now:
Thursday's connected to Friday.
I'm glad you are a part of the early morning club.
On the show today:
It's snowin' in the pines.
The south looks like somebody dumped a big box of grits where it wasn't supposed to go!
To be more specific:
You've got icy roads for Mississippi and Alabama, and warnings for South Carolina out to North Carolina’s outer banks.
(I saw a SAND truck go by yesterday spewing out pothole-making gravel. Gravel and sand. I ask you, how much can that do?)
Diet soda could raise your risk of some serious health problems!
We will answer the question of: why diet? Doesn't regular raise risks too?
Lindsay Lohan gets stern words from the judge!
Even though the judge let her out on bond after she pleaded not guilty to felony grand theft for necklace-gate.
Check out his warning to her.
A married member of congress resigns after he's accused of trying to meet a woman on Craigslist.
And the shirtless photo he took of himself?
Let the lawsuits begin --- over the Super Bowl ticket fiasco.
Is it appropriate to give valentine's gifts to your "work husband" or "work wife"?
(You know, the person you're the closest to at work, but it's all purely platonic.)