Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Women Don't Want Passion: Say What?

What are your relationship “must haves” and “deal breakers”?
Can you believe "passion" isn't even in the top ten for most women?
Say What?!

This storm isn't playing.
We have *life threatening conditions*, (according to the national weather system) and a storm that's impacting much of the lower 48 states.
Howdy. Let me get right to it:
"Just stay at home" is the warning for many of your fellow viewers today.
The monster winter storm is man-handling everyone from chicago (where they are abandoning cars on lake shore drive)
To st louis (still under a blizzard warning)
To texas (Where rafer is covering super bowl a wind chill in the teens)
Tune in to see when your state and town could get punched.
And when it could be over.
I tell you we have incredible video and pics from your fellow viewers showing you what it's meaning for their town.
See what ya think, as 100 million Americans feel the effects of the massive winter storm.
Example: even the SNOW TRUCKS were called back in, for one metro area.
Now THAT'S bad.
You tell me:
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Other news today:
Can you believe in the middle of this muck they are gonna wait for Punxsutawney Phil's winter forecast?
(I'm wondering what their current weather will do to the usual party atmosphere for groundhog day in that part of PA)
Well, wonder no more because we will dip in to see what's going on.
You or someone you care about may be at risk for heart disease, and not doing enough to prevent it.
,b>Those controversial body scans may be revamped --- we’ll show you what the image of your body could look like now…
A big day on wall street --- after flirting with the 12-thousand mark for a few weeks – investors finally went all the way.