Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where's Robin Meade? Off.

Good morning, Morning Express-er.

Robin’s off today. But the beat goes on because Natasha is here.

OK, time to give you the morning scoop:

The situation in Egypt looks like it’s getting worse.
The U.S. is telling Americans there: As soon as the overnight curfew ends, get to the Cairo airport and get out of the country.
And we’ll show you Anderson Cooper being attacked by people on the streets. You’ll hear him describe it as it’s happening.

Wow, this winter storm is really a big one.
If you’re in the Northeast, the snow is winding down.
If you’re in the Midwest, you’ve probably pulled out the snow shovel by now.
And a lot of you are coping with power outages.
You’ll see some amazing video of a building collapsing from the weight of all the snow.

You think we’ll actually see Rafer this morning at the Super Bowl?
(Yesterday, the generator on his production truck couldn’t even start it was so cold in Arlington, Texas.)
He’s working on some fascinating stories about the big players in Sunday’s game:
--a wide receiver who grew up in homeless shelters, but told his mom he’d one day play in a Super Bowl
--a quarterback who says he learned to be a leader when he played for a team with ex-cons
--a safety who almost died a few years ago before doctors performed emergency surgery

And even though the game will be indoors, the players are still whining about the cold weather outside!
Rafer will have all of that.