Thursday, December 2, 2010

Robin's Good Mornin' Email: Has NASA discovered E.T.?

Thursday is connected to FRIDAY.
New this morning:
There is a big development in the killing of a Hollywood publicist.(Remember, she was shot as she was driving home from a movie premiere.)
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Your car’s bumpers could be useless in a fender bender with an SUV or pickup.
It has to do with the way they match up (or don't) height-wise.
And honey it could cost ya.
NASA is all atwitter about a new discovery.
Could it change the way we think about other life in space?
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Whoa nelly. Here comes the snow.
You'll see who in the East & Northeast is going to get 2 feet of it! Mommy.
Say what?
2 women are accused of hiding store items in their body fat!
Stealing, by tucking the items away.
World Cup... in the USA?
At about 10am Eastern they'll announce who will host the soccer tournament of all soccer tournaments.
And the U.S. is in the running.
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And Eminem tops the Grammy noms with 10!
See which newcomer wasn't far behind.
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Sounds like a good show.
So I shall see you then.