Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Master of the Obvious: It's a Freezing Blizzard Out There

We are in a deep freeze. 
The bitter cold is gripping most of the nation. 
From North Carolina to North Dakota… the temps are low. 
We will ask Bob, where is our relief? 
You'll see how many people got trapped for hours in a huge snowstorm. 
(What a nightmare commute, dontcha think?) 
All those airline baggage fees we’ve been paying are adding up… for the airlines, that is. 
Brett Favre calls it quits--his starting streak anyway. 
Did you know when that started… Bill Clinton hadn’t been elected president yet and Miley Cyrus hadn’t been born yet? 
Tune in to see the crazy dashcam video of a police officer being hit by a car. The officer is ok, thank goodness. 
Who pays when love goes away? 
A would-be bride is suing her former fiancĂ© for the wedding that never happened. 
Tweet me on this one... @RobinMeade. Have you had a similar experience? 
We’re a step closer to finding out if we’ll all be paying higher taxes in January. 
There's a lot more news awaiting your pajama-bottom-bingo self.....when ya tune in.