Tuesday, January 13, 2015

ICYMI: HLN Morning Express With Robin Meade has a new set and new direction. We're more social !!!

I am sooooo stoked about the new direction we are taking.... check out the deets:

As part of its social-media makeover, HLN unveiled a new set for “Morning Express” with Robin Meade Tuesday morning.
“Our own morning sunshine, Robin Meade and her MXP crew, debuted HLN’s new set which reflects our mission to give the social media community the first all-screens home for the best social news and lifestyle content in the world,” network President Albie Hecht wrote in a memo to staff.

The social-media-oriented show, hosted by Ali Nejad and Yasmin Vassoughian, is one of the first cable news shows whose content is dictated by what’s trending on social media rather than decisions made by producers.
“This is about redefining news as news you share,” HLN President Albie Hecht told TheWrap in a wide-ranging interview at the end of 2014 about the network’s new direction.

“It also means where we get our news, so I say to our producers: you have to program this network and this all-screens experience for people who don’t have a TV set, don’t have a magazine, don’t read the newspaper; they’re going to get up, they’re going to look at their phone, they’re going to get their feed or their information.”
Here's what the boss wrote...
Team —
Right now, HLN is making history. A year ago we promised to break the cable TV news mode, and at 6 am today, that’s exactly what we did. Our own morning sunshine, Robin Meade and her MXP crew, debuted HLN’s new set which reflects our mission to give the social media community the first all-screens home for the best social news and lifestyle content in the world.
At noon, “The Daily Share,” HLN’s first live daily show under the new brand, kicks off with hosts Ali Nejad and Yasmin Vassoughian. Another first for HLN is T-Mobile’s all-screens sponsorship of The Daily Share.
We’ll be sharing photos of the new HLN all day long. Use the hashtag #ReadySetGo.
In tandem with “The Daily Share” on-air launch, The Daily Share Website went live: http://www.hlntv.com/thedailyshare. Infinite kudos to our digital and social teams.
Continuing on that innovative visual theme, HLN also debuted its new logo and graphics look which shows another example of how HLN is rethinking the way news and information is delivered.
And this spot is reserved for Vale, Jack Vale. The mega successful YouTube star who comes to HLN exclusively to reveal how pranking has become the family business with his wife Sherry and their five kids. “Jack Vale: Offline” is our social media brand’s first original series. Watch, follow, like, share, tweet every Tuesday at 10 pm ET/PT #JackValeOffline.
Of course, thank you Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew and their teams for anchoring HLN’s new brand in prime. You are the Queen and King of social integration in your shows. And on the weekends, Lynn Berry and her WXP team rule. Thank you Lynn for showing us the art of the make-up free selfie.
OMG, we did it thanks to all of you. Always in awe of your unwavering dedication and work.
Mondo thanks!

We had some fun launching the set... I showed up for work at the old studios... nobody there.

Cue the “Mission Impossible” theme music knockoff.

Next, I called the boss who, Charlie’s Angels-style, told me to get to Studio 7, pronto.

The new studio, which is a heavily modified version of the old home of CNN shows originating from Atlanta, is home to “Morning Express” as well as the new “Daily Share” show.

Here's how one reporter described it:

The set, as it’s used for “Morning Express” relies heavily on the “coffeehouse and startup” vibe the network was going for — with a large, open work table made from rough wood with a retro light fixture mounted above, coffee bar and trendy pod-style anchor desk for Meade.

Meade is primarily shot against a the LED wall with internally lit framing and additional monitors, as well as the work area, which also features a large chalkboard-style graphic with the new HLN logo surrounding by doodles.

Much of set’s sleek, shiny surfaces have been removed in favor of a rustic wood finish, darker walls and textured surfaces, which keeping some of the metallic framing and backlit elements.

Unlike the “Daily Share” version of the set, “Morning Express” has made good use of the space and does a fairly good job at creating a cohesive look and feel for the show and is thankfully devoid of the space-age “social circle” set element and garish teal and pink coloring.

The new look is certainly an upgrade for the show’s longtime look of color wash duras.

- See more at: http://www.newscaststudio.com/2015/01/13/hlns-morning-express-moves-to-new-set-forgets-to-tell-anchor/#sthash.MYxBGlHh.dpuf