Thursday, December 14, 2017

Billboard details my new Christmas tune: "Ghost of My Christmas Past"

Which is more surprising: That many Christmas songs are hatched in the summer? Or that Kristian Bush agreed to take my call? Lol (he is a generous soul w his time & talent).
Billboard details the making of my new christmas song "Ghost of my Christmas Past".
Hope it finds its way onto your holiday playlist;) Read all the deets here:

While the sound of the release definitely has a Christmas slant, perfect for the freak pre-winter snow that hit Atlanta (where Morning Express takes place) recently, Meade says she actually wrote the song in another extreme weather condition -- 80 degrees and the summer heat. “I guess that’s the way that a lot of the holiday songs over time are born,” she surmises, in describing the writing process. “Liz Rose is so well-known in writer’s circles. She’s written a lot of Taylor Swift’s hits, and I met her at a St. Jude’s benefit. I invited her down to Georgia where I live. It was 80 degrees outside, and she and some of her writer friends -- Jess Walker and Emily Shackelton -- came to our houseboat, and we wrote four or five Christmas songs by the time noon came around. It was in the middle of the summer, and we were asking each other ‘Now, how would you feel about this or that during the holidays?'"