Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What gets you going for breakfast? I reveal a dirty little secret

My weekend look. I have three alarms set... ONCE I didn't make it to set on time.

Bon Appetit did a story on what early morning news broadcasters eat to start their day.

No Snooze Zone: The Insanely Early Morning Routines of America's Favorite Newscasters

Here's my portion of the interesting article...

“Here’s the dirty little secret of female anchor hair code: When my hair is down, I got up at 2:45, because it’s clean (because I need 15 extra minutes to wash it.) If my hair is half-up half down or in a chignon or braided, that means it’s dirty, and I got up at 3:00,” laughed Meade, who’s on air for a solid six hours (with only two bathroom breaks!), five days a week.

At her home in Atlanta, she wakes up, showers, has a Keurig coffee with two Splendas, and maybe a little almond milk. During the show she’ll have a Quest protein bar. She also uses Quest’s flavored protein powders to make breakfast mug cakes (who knew there’d be so much mug cooking?!). “I’ll do an egg, flavored protein powder, say it’s peanut butter, and I’ll put powdered peanut butter in there, coconut oil, Splenda or Stevia. Microwave, spray butter, voila! I’m eating cake in the morning, no carbs.”

Then a car picks her up at takes her to the studio, where “a Nascar pit crew” does her makeup. “I call it color by numbers. I joke that I care more about my brain than my face,” she said, because she spends a lot of the time in the makeup chair calling the producers with notes for the show, and the next thing she knows the crew has five minutes to do her face. “So then it’s all hands on deck, just like that scene in Miss Congeniality.”

Hopefully she’s home by around 1:00, and her day is done. She’ll have sleepytime tea at around 6:00 p.m., aiming to be in bed by 7:00, “7:00 would be a victory, 8:00 would be a victory. After that…it’s ugly. Melatonin is my friend. I do about 9 milligrams a night.” There’s a white noise maker, a sleep machine. And some serious blackout shades. Meanwhile, her husband is just getting home from his job, so “he’s a bachelor every night,” said Meade. “I think it might be the key to why I have a great marriage.”