Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Angie Aparo Sings Valentine's Day Viewer Tweets

My buddy who's been to my house to jam... is helping me turn viewer tweets for Valentine's Day
into “musical” love notes on Friday. (That's Andy Childs jamming with us.)

If you have some love tweets send them! (tweet #LoveNotes2016 to @MorningExp or post to the Morning Express with Robin Meade Facebook page) – the good, the bad, the funny.

The sentiments run the gamut so far! Lol

On Friday Atlanta singer-songwriter Angie Aparo will take some of the standout “love notes” and sing about them on the spot as the show goes into and out of commercial breaks.

“Picture it – it’s 10 a.m. on a Monday and we are all as a news team just finishing the morning broadcast. We meet and brainstorm ideas. When we hit on the ‘love notes’ idea for something fun and viewer-involved for Valentine’s Day, I mentioned a number of my musician friends off the top of my head whose talent could pull this off,” Meade said. “As soon as I said ‘Angie Aparo, the news team member who saw him at my Eddie’s Attic show said, ‘YEAH! Angie! He’s great! That voice!’ – stuff like that. He was by far the news team’s first choice to ask first. Lucky for us he was available!”