Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hanging with Mike Rowe

CNN toasted their newest host Mike Rowe at Hudson Mercantile on the far West Side of Manhattan recently so I got to hang with Mike Rowe and some CNN buddies...

Wednesday Mike takes his bow on the network with his new show “Somebody’s Gotta Do It.”

CNN boss Jeff Zucker tells how he got Mike Rowe on CNN:
On his first day in January 2013, the CNN Worldwide president spotted Rowe dining at the Landmarc in Time Warner Center. “I sat down and I said to him, ‘We want you on CNN.’ And here we are 18 months later. It took a little while, but here we are.”

CNN daytime anchors were there to support Mike, including Ashleigh Banfield, Christine Romans, Michaela Pereira, John Berman, Chris Cuomo, Brooke Baldwin, Carol Costello, Deborah Feyerick, Alisyn Camerota and Bill Weir