Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ask Me Anything Reddit - Behind the Scenes Questions

About HLN behind the scenes and in front of the camera.
How do we keep the energy up...
We like to keep things in the fast lane!
We actually do something called 'anti-flow' in our rundowns that keeps different topics coming in a short amount of time.
Secret behind the scenes: we play loud music in the studio during breaks to keep the energy up!

Plenty of comments from regular viewers about how much they enjoy HLN and what we are trying to do...
glad to know you're watching. we are really careful to not to bog you down with downer stories three in a row or something,. you ever notice we will do completely different stories right next to each other? that's because i know in the morning you dont want to get depressed and go back to bed! so we'll spread them out and space them with uplifting stories
Hi! This is an extremely fun crew... even our 3am production meetings have a reputation of their own. A few years back, we all used to go to breakfast together but lives responsibilities have meant kids, sleep or other obligations... so growing up has limited our together time to mostly the weekends when we all can.
I think we all have our viewing habits. For some of us it is NO TV but others can't live without it! My nephew hasn't seen me live on TV in years. HLN really loves the interaction on social media and are looking for new ways to incorporate it into Morning Express every day!!!
My hardest story to keep composure?
9-11 for sure.
Did I have a wtf moment?
Yes. At the local level, I had a boss who had me do a story about women shaving their faces to look younger. I couldn't believe I got someone to admit it on camera. She was brave! But it left me, as a journalist, thinking, WTF, did this really help anybody today?
Best career advice?
"No is a complete sentence." A former co-anchor in Chicago told me that because I kept saying yes to extra shifts.
Can I intern at HLN?
We have a fabulous internship program here at HLN! Check it out
Is there still journalistic integrity?
yes i do and i'll tell you what, we have a standards and practices department that MAKES SURE its exists here. seriously. there is a department that makes sure there are no conflicts of interest in terms of the way stories are written, how things are appearing on air, and even sometimes what we are doing or saying on social media in our private lives. all morning long our copy editors and producers work to update and adjust scripts so they relect the most accurate information. i hope that answers your question:)
Live show with a studio audience?
someday i really want to make the show into a live studio audience news show. its like viewer reaction instantly!
no boss has ever taken my suggestion seriously that i want a live studio audience, a live studio band to play in and out of breaks, and a puppet who says all the curse words i cant. lol.

How I deliver the news conversationally.
this sounds hysterical, if you picture it. but in college i used to read the newspaper outloud until i sounded like i WASNT reading. but nowadays it just comes down to talking with the viewer, you, and not "reading". i think about the person in the story actually hearing the story on tv and it completely humanizes the delivery imo