Monday, December 9, 2013

I come out as a Man. Check out my gender-bender makeover!

I am so glad I'm a girl! It's Hollywood Week on HLN and we kick things off by making me into a man.
Roy Wooley applied the makeup to make me into a little guy.
Trust me, I'm all woman, so it took layers and layers, then I needed some help with making my singing voice into a gravely guys voice. Then came the "guy-walk." I got help in that area too. I learned how to talk like a man and walk like a man... I think.
The final test when I tried to pass as a guy from research during an HLN staff meeting.
Whaddya think... can I pass?
In an email, Meade wrote that "it was one of the grossest experiences of my life... thank you to the lords of estrogen for letting me be born a woman because I couldn't take all that hair."
"The look they wanted must have been "dirty-teenage-werewolf-swears-off-exfoliation" look," she added, "because they gave me pock marks you could drive a truck through. and a beard that the 'Duck Dynasty' fellas would swear off as unkempt. It wasn't pretty. It wasn't hygienic looking and it wasn't comfortable!"
Lemme tell ya, being a guy for a while, makes me GLAD TO BE A WOMAN. W - O - M - A - N. I'll say it again... I'm glad to be a girl.