Saturday, November 24, 2012

Psst. Wanna Hear Some Secrets?

What does a preacher's daughter (moi) do for a prank. The answer is typical teenage prankery (is that even a word?) but for a preacher's kid it is OUT THERE.

And... who keeps me from blurting out inappropriate words when I'm on the air. Hint: my husband alerted my personal censor that I don't always know what might be a no-no.

Curious about what it takes for me to sleep? Every. gimmick. in. the. book!!!

Our lighting director has to do double duty as our music director for our jams during commercial breaks!

I'm pitching my idea for a new reality show!!! Morning Express with Robin Meade Unhinged!

Watch the Red Chair Interview... and I've added some pictures from the "old days" here.