Monday, October 22, 2012

My first 18 holes and I'm pooped. But almost made a career shot!

I played with Suzy Whaley, my golf teacher, Ted Bishop of the PGA, Ian Baker-Finch, TNT commentator and Andy Burrows, Grand Slam Chairman.

I’m pooped because this is my first time doing 18 holes. I was with the most incredible people. Whenever I would hit a rough shot, I had an immediate clinic because I had the teachers there. Of course the scenery was wonderful.

I almost made a hole in one: more on that later.

You know what’s really impressive is the people who come out and spend the day in the sun and cheer everybody on.”

I am so surprised at how many viewers we have here. I am delighted at that. I am really grateful at the shout-outs or morning sunshine.