Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm ready (as I'll ever be) for my first golf tournament

It was a story that brought me into this game.. one of our sister companies is TNT. They run This as a partnership and they wanted to do a story about golf and women, so I was kind of the guinea pig. I said ‘ yes I’ll do it’. As a result of that, I love it.

They brought me in and now they can’t take me away. I’ve had a headache all weekend because of the stress. My husband keeps saying ‘have fun’.

I did make sure that Suzy Whaley, my teacher, will be in my group. I have a heads up I’ll be with Bubba Watson and he’s pretty relaxed.

I’ll be giving his run for his money . . . he’ll be driving miles up the fairway and I’ll be driving the cart! Although I don’t think they allow us a cart, do they?

This is my first time to Bermuda. As the plane landed I said to Tim, my husband, ‘look at how beautiful it is with all these white roofs, look at that water’.

From the airport to the hotel and to where we’re staying, it’s just impeccable. The beauty is outstanding and I love the British influence, the accents.

Everyone from the driver to the folks at the hotel, I have been so impressed.

I want to make sure this is not my last time.

I wanted to make this not only for a story and a golf experience but a vacation so we’re going to stay a few more days until Saturday

If the local have some good advice on where to hear some great live music, I’ll meet them there.

I didn’t realize how many viewers we had in Bermuda, there’s been lot of Twitter action.”