Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bubba Watson's first golf lesson was ME

I had the closest to the pin on the eighth green at Port Royal in Bermuda playing with Bubba Watson. I used a five-hybrid landed and it hit the fairway but just kept going right toward the flag. It stopped just three feet away from the cup, I won the top prize for the closest approach to that particular hole.

Bubba said...
Yes, my first lesson under the gun with a camera and fans watching. She almost made a hole-in-one. I think I did pretty good. If they were all like that I would make tons of money.

He had no idea he would be playing with me until he started reading my tweets...

“It was funny, she started Tweeting the last week about me and I was like, ‘what is she talking about,”

he said.

“I didn’t know anything about her, so I started following her on Twitter because she was following me.

“That’s how I knew I was playing with her in the Pro-Am. It’s nice to see someone of her stature come over here and love to play the game of golf and learn it late in life.

“She was walking down the fairways telling me how much she loves it and how much she enjoys learning something new.

“She played a lot better than her third time out on the course, and especially when I instructed her really good.”