Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My best selling book is out in paperback

If you didn't get my New York Times bestseller when it was first out, now comes the paperback! 
Preorder it now here: to claim your copy before it hits store shelves! (please?)

A BAD WEATHER DAY is expected for many of your fellow viewers.
We expect tornado warnings and watches DURING the show this morning in high risk areas.
As I write, the advisories are currently in MS, AL, TN, KY.
PlayStation alert.
Sony says hackers may now have your personal info if you are one of the 70 million subscribers on its PlayStation network.
Tune in to see what you can do now to protect yourself.
Lindsay Lohan, on The Tonight Show, says she's taking responsibility for what she’s done.
I kinda like what some would say are her high goals for the future.
The royal wedding rehearsal—we’ve got a sneak peek.
Despite new rules, banks are still making a ton of money off you in fees.
We now know who will be the NEW VOICE of the Aflac duck.
You will meet the man and hear his quack.