Thursday, April 14, 2011

More traffic controllers snoozin' on the job!

Oh geez.
It’s happened again.
For the 6th time this year, an air traffic controller has been caught asleep on the job.
And somebody was trying to land with a sick person on board!
Check out the new rules in place as of last night.
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Hey heads up for our viewers in Tornado Alley.
Unfortunately it could live up to its name today.
Bob says some storms will be developing while you are watching us. But he says the real fireworks will come later today for OK, AR, KS. Large hail too.
Another reason to drop a few pounds – it could help your brain.
President Obama makes his case to cut the budget – and his critics fire back. (Meanwhile, VP Biden seemed a little less interested – did he catch a nap during the prez's speech!?) Heeee heeee.
Stop me if you’ve heard this before:
ANOTHER toddler served alcohol
Barry Bonds found guilty on one count – the jury was hung on three others. What’s next? Jail maybe?
Job openings are up!
they were at their highest level in more than two years.
jen’s got the details on what that really means if you’re looking for work.