Monday, April 11, 2011

Major storms in Texas and Iowa and Wisconsin

Good morning… hope you had a good weekend.

For many of your fellow viewers in Wisconsin, it was anything but a good weekend.
Tune in today for video after storms damaged or destroyed 25 homes.
You'll learn more than just the numbers. See the people of the story and where the circumstances have left them today.
Also in the news today:

Parenting impacts your health!
You'd think all the running around chasing after little ones and taking care of them would take care of this:
But apparently we hate to see the leftover chicken nuggets and grilled cheese go to waste!
And our waists show it.
Have you heard of the South African golfer who won the Masters?
He did it after an unbelievable number of players were still seriously in the running on the final day!
Gas prices. Ouch. They're eyeing that painful mark of $4 a gallon.
1 month later and Japan still can’t catch a break. A magnitude 7.1 quake hit the country’s northeastern coast TODAY.
And there are new evacuations from the area around the damaged nuclear plant.
So that's on the show today.

I gotta tell ya, I left my blackberry in a car, and haven't had it all weekend. Feeling Twitter withdrawals. Ha! Crossing my fingers that I get the blackberry back.